Avoid being a Victim of CO Poisoning through Annual Boiler Servicing


Every year, thousands of hospital admissions include patients suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. The deadly gas is not easily detected because it is colorless and odorless and the symptoms of poisoning are similar to flu. The consequences of carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal so it has to be prevented through annual boiler servicing. The annual inspection must always be handled by Gas Safety registered emergency plumbers who will ensure that the boiler and gas appliances are compliant with local regulations. After boiler servicing, a certificate will be issued that the boiler has been tested and is up to code.


How to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning



  • Be observant. There are signs indicating gas leaks like soot and black stains around gas appliances, burner flame turning lazy yellow instead of crisp blue and too much condensation on windows. Once you notice these signs, make a call to your emergency plumbers to check the condition of your gas appliances.


  • It is also important to be well versed with the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning like breathlessness, dizziness, headaches, nausea, loss of consciousness or collapse. If you or any member of the family suffers from one or more of these symptoms, proceed immediately to the emergency rooms. Tell the physician you suspect CO poisoning so that blood tests will immediately be handled.


  • Make sure that there is proper ventilation for your boiler and gas appliances. When the emergency plumbers check on the boilers, he will also ensure the health of the flues whether they are clean and free from blockages.


  • Always read accompanying instructions for any gas appliances you install inside your home. Always use gas appliances with caution and open a window to make sure there is enough ventilation and proper fuel burning. Never use your gas appliances for any purpose other than what they were intended for.